About us

Established in 2010, Topshaper has been selling the best body shapers available in the UK.

Our different products styles are supplied from Salome, the manufacture and pioneer in the worldwide market. The Colombian Company has more than 10 years’ experience producing body shapers for women and men. Since 2004 Salome has assured its position as the best competitive company in the market. Our body shapers are used to improve, retrieve and style the human figure, using the best quality materials, the best styles and design to satisfy all our customers’ demands.

Among our products we are also offering rubber body shapers from Carolyn Ltd, one of the most exclusive Colombian companies, and also a pioneer in the design and style of latex body shapers. Your body shaper will not only accentuate and improve your figure. Furthermore, if used daily it will help you reduce weight while shaping and contouring your figure.

Our shop at Stratford Shopping Centre, Unit 39 Market Village, offers the best body shapers quality in the United Kingdom. And after a huge demand from thousands of our happy customers all over the country, we have finally decided to sell all our exclusive range of products online.